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Jens Hammer

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Arkaitz & Michael

Michael sits in a dungeon, playing with himself. Bearded Arkaitz, a horny tourist, blinds him with his flashlight. Quickly they both move to an abandoned building. Off the clothes go and rimming is started. Now it's the turn of the hard tourist cock. Michael gets a wild and hard banging. You can forsee: Michael expected a nice ride but now he is the victim and has to take the hard boner up to the limits and a final spray all over.

Country Pursuits

Some boys love the buzz of the big city and the excitement of the metropolis but not these horny fuckers! No, theyre country lads through and through. Not that they spend much time admiring the natural wonders around them. No, theyre way too busy enjoying the pleasures and delights that only other guys can give. Orlando White, Kamyk Walker and Josh Milk are just three of the cum-crazy fellows whose country pursuit is to hunt down cock and enjoy it to the full. Forget milking the cows! Its milking balls that these boys love ...

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Some boys love the buzz of the big city and the excitement of the metropolis – but not these horny fuckers! No, they’re country lads through and through.

Stars: Gabriel Angel Louis Blakeson

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Bareback Orgy in Milwaukee

With a bunch of hot guys traveling the country together on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip - it's no surprise that at some point we'd find them all in the bathroom fucking. The five are crammed into the hotel bathroom and with such little space they have to fill every available hole with either a cock or a tongue. And lucky Zach gets covered with the other four's cum in the bukkake finale!