Lito Cruz Biography

Height: 6 ft 0 in (182 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (81 kg)
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic


Not to be confused with the Argentinean film and theater actor-director-playwright of the same name, Lito Cruz is a well-hung gay porn star from Buenos Aires who can be recognized by his soul patch and a Superman tattoo on his left upper chest. In the industry since 2008, he has appeared in over 20 films, often big dick and pissing fetish related. Lito is a Sagittarius who was born December 8th.

Tattoos:  Superman logo on left pec; tribal on left shoulder; Gothic crown on left butt cheek


Lito Cruz Movies:

GALLERY Decription:There’s nothing hotter and more masculine than Lito Cruz, Calvin, and Ray Dalton in a 3-way daisy chain in this raw clip from Treasure Island Media!

GALLERY Decription:This clip from Bareback Bedroom 3-Way by Spunk Video features Josh Weston, Joey Russo and Lito Cruz in a horny threeway scene, sucking and fucking each other, and showing off Lito’s big hard dick.

GALLERY Decription:This clip from Raw by SX Video features a hot and horny blowjob and ass-fucking scene with Lito Cruz, Bryce Anderson and Jake Gonzales all dressed up in leather straps and chains, working those big hard dicks.

GALLERY Decription:This clip from Monster Cock 2 by SX Video features Ian Jay and Lito Cruz in a nasty double penetration ass-fucking scene. Lito is filling Ian’s ass all the way up with his big hard cock and a dildo at the same time.

GALLERY Decription:This clip from Ace In The Hole by The Load Masters and Dick Wadd features a bareback ass-fucking scene with Blaze Thomason, Ryan Jamison and Lito Cruz riding raw and rough till they’re satisfied.

GALLERY Decription:The best raw fuck film this year!

GALLERY Decription:100% bareback! An homage to the traveling road warriors of the business world, we brought five hot couples together in our hotel room, and captured some burning mansex guaranteed to get you off.

GALLERY Decription:This clip from Fill It Up by Frank Stein features a hot ass-fucking scene with Lito Cruz and Derreck Downs working that fat cock in that tight little ass, rubbing and grinding on it till they both cum hard and deep.

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